German police impound bus with 1.8 million km on clock

Wed Jul 28, 1:24 pm ET

BERLIN (AFP) – Berlin police said Wednesday they impounded a clapped-out Latvian tour bus with 1.8 million kilometres (1.1 million miles) behind it -- enough to go to the Moon and back twice, and then back to Latvia.

Police pulled over the white double-decker on Tuesday afternoon and found, apart from the massive mileage, an unroadworthy rust bucket with dangerously worn tyres, faulty brakes and a cracked windscreen.

The odometer, which runs to 999,999 kilometres, had already gone around once, a police spokesman told AFP.

"It wasn't even particularly old," he said. "From its shape it looked pretty modern."

The bus driver and the 67 Latvian tourists on board, who were on their way to Switzerland via the German capital, were told to find alternative means of transport.